Trying to set up Arduino Pro Micro to look like HID Keyboard only

I am trying to make a small device that plugs into USB and appears to the computer as only an “HID-compliant keyboard”, so that when I put my thumb on a fingerprint scanner wired to it, it types in my password for me. At work, we have to lock our computers every time we stand up from them, which means coming back and typing in ctrl+alt+delete and my password around a dozen times every day.

My question is whether there is a way to configure the Arduino Pro Micro so that, when plugged into a PC that has never seen an Arduino before, it only recognizes an “HID-compliant keyboard” and doesn’t start trying to download Arduino drivers and/or display that an Arduino is present in the Device Manager. This is on a Windows 7 computer. At work they are rather strict about what you can hook to computers, and it would just be less risk if some automated IT scan saw that I had an “HID-compliant keyboard” hooked up, instead of an Arduino.

I have attached a sketch for what I’m using right now (a simple modification of the pushbutton HID keyboard test). I will eventually replace the simple button press with being triggered by a successful fingerprint scan (communicated over TTL) but for now it works, within the context of how to now make the Arduino Pro Micro display as only an “HID-compliant keyboard”.


arduino-pro-micro_login.ino (1008 Bytes)