Trying to start out with the blink example need LED part number / info

Greetings, I just got my Arduino Mega2560 R3 I ordered. I'm trying to put together the parts required to run the BLINK example. I took the print out to radio shack and handed it too the employee and they said their was not enough information to select that proper LED. Can some please guide me to the proper LED that radio shack?

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Dennis Saint Cloud Florida

I think I've seen this post elsewhere in the forum, and answers as well.
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If I didn’t know any better, I would use all the resources I could to figure it out. See attached picture from the tutorial.

Looks like a “normal size”, red LED, with two leads, yes?

Go back to Radio Shack, tell the employee he shouldn’t be working there…then, buy their “multi-pack” of assorted LEDs. Go back home, open the pack, find one that looks the most like the picture in tutorial, and use it.

Then, play around with the other ones. Figure out what the differences are. You might blow a few, but that’s the learning process. :smiley:

Also, check out the following link to learn more about LEDs —

It might be helpful to tell you what you don't want! :wink:

You don't want an IR (infrared) or UV (ultraviolet) LED.... You won't see the light output.

You don't want an [u]SMD[/u] (surface mount) LED. It's too hard to wire-up... You want 2 regular wire-leads sticking out.

You don't want a [u]high-power LED[/u]. (One Watt is considered "high power" for an LED.) A "high brightness" or "ultra bright" LED is OK. Most normal LEDs are rated at about 20mA (they don't generally specify "regular" LEDs in watts or milliwatts).

You don't want an [u]RGB[/u] (multi-color) LED. (An RGB LED has 4 leads.)

You don't want a [u]7-Segment LED[/u] or a [u]bargraph LED[/u]

You don't want anything unusual like [u]this[/u], [u]this[/u], or [u]this[/u].

On most if not all Arduinos there is already an LED connected to pin 13, so you don't need any other LED to run the Blink sketch.

I suspect it is designed in on purpose to get people started quickly.

Have fun!

I still can't believe they refused to sell you anything that's morally against their ethics to not sell you something lol

It might be helpful to tell you what you don't want! :wink:

True....very true. Whenever I hear the word (acronym?) LED, I just immediately just picture that simple, dim red, two lead, LED. That's all there was when I started playing with them.
Wow, have things changed.