Trying to update ota

Hello I was trying to make my pro mini to update via nrf24l01+ ota, so I was trying to bootload the optibootloader by avrdude. I succeeded somewhat in some cases but I didn't know what to do after, can I upload a .hex file that connects normally or what? The other thing I noticed is that the mcu gets REALLY HOT, and now when I plug it to power nothing happens, connected through serial Tx and Rx but nothing happens, even the LED (pin13) doesn't flash. I tried to burn bootloader again but no avail. Did I fri it totally? When burning bootloader it responds with address 0xFFFFFF or zeroes. When in avrdude, it gives out of sync error message. One last thing to ask, when burning bootloader through IDE, is it the same optibootloader?? Or something else. Because in arduino folders I found the optibootloader files (I think) the main ones. Thanks

Sounds like you fried it indeed. Check your wiring and connections carefully to find out how.