I am soory if I sound a bit NOOB here....... I am in fact one. :slight_smile:
I am making a off road vehicle on arduino uno and for a power supply I am thinking of using a 2100 mah 12.1 volts lipo battery.
Tell me is it a good idea or a bad idea
I have used servo motors for power transmission to wheels

thankyou for all the suggestions guys


robin2 good idea
now, i am going to use a npn transistor with the four motors
motor GND >> battery GND
motor power >> collector of transistor
emmiter of transistor >> battery positive terminal
transistor base >> digital pin on arduino

so, when i give a LOW on the base of the transistor it will start the motor and
when a HIGH is applied on base pin motors will start spinning

Hi, you should check your power consumption and need to set the time that you need to use. Then you can calculate battery capacity. However, batteries has some specifications. I have linked a simple document about batteries and their specs. Also you need to put some margin, because vehicle does not face flat road everytime, so consumptions can be higher than motor specifications. Do not forget to include all equipment, when calculating current and power requirement.

Without knowing the components, i do not think that people here can help. At least you need to tell the size and weight so maybe somebody may have similar one.


Should work fine. Just don't try to draw power for the motors from the Arduino. Take it directly from the battery

If there is a risk of the motors drawing too much energy from the battery it might be wise to give the Arduino a separate battery.