Trying to use Arduino Uno instead of Linduino Uno for LTC6804 Demo Board


I am currently having a hard time to transition from using the Linduino Uno to a regular Arduino Uno to control one of LT’s demo board. I am trying to run the stock code given by LT (here) for the LTC6804 demo board (Battery management chip).
I have also been following LT’s guide to do exactly that (Going Generic), connecting 4 pins: SCK, DIN, DOUT, CS, GND. This guide is however 3 years old and might not be up to date.
Communication keeps failing at this point (see attachement for serial terminal output). Is there any physical connection I am missing? Should I do any further modification to the code given by LT? (FYI, I am trying to run on LT’s latest libraries, freshly downloaded from their website).


Solved! The issue was that I was missing a 5k resistor between MISO and 5v on the UNO.