Trying to use external IR flasher with arduino


I have a sketch I have created which works perfectly with a 2-lead IR transmitter from Sunfounder (Sunfounder Kit - IR Transmitter Included)

I would like to use a 2-conductor mini plug to plug straight into the back of my AV Receiver OR use an external emitter/blaster such as this one IRE 1.0

I have tried wiring both the IRE 1.0 and a 2-conductor mini-plug and get no action out of either one. I also tried another external IR emitter which typically blinks a light when it is sending IR and I get nothing from it. These are both known good products when used with a different IR emitting system... maybe they are not getting enough power?

The goal is to be able to have my arduino located a couple of feet from my AVR and send commands to the AVR's eye or IR input.

Does anyone have any ideas how I could achieve this?

Thank you in advance!

I would make sure the IR blaster is rated for 5V use (if it doesn't say 5V look for one designed to be powered from a USB wall wort, because USBs send out 5V power). I am trying to build a similar system and there seems to be a lot of 12V systems and 5V systems. If you got blasters that are looking for 12V but are only getting 5V (which is what the Arduino puts out) that might be the issue. I would also make sure that you have the polarity correct (just try switching the polarity for a bit and see if that works), as LEDs are diodes if you try to send them electricity the wrong direction that might be the issue.

More specific with a circuit diagram or some picture of physical objects?