Trying to use PS2 mouse as a sensor, but it won't interface to Arduino


I have been using ps2.h to try to get data from a USB mouse that supposedly also supports PS/2 protocol, but it is not working. When ps2.h goes through the sequence where it resets the mouse and then sends instructions to send data it gets stuck at the point when the mouse is supposed to take back control of the clock so the Arduino can then send its instructions. I'm wondering if ps2.h was written at a time before USB mice and isn't capable of switching a USB mouse to PS/2 mode. Any thoughts on this would be greatly appreciated.

Terry Rozmus

Solved it. As it turns out the Genius mouse I brought is not backward compatible with PS/2 even though the specification says it is. They must have exchanged the sensor chip for one where the PS/2 capability was not present at some point. I now have another USB mouse which is doing the job I wanted perfectly.