Trying to use SeeLevel II sensors, not sure how.

So, im building a smart RV style tiny house. designing my plumbing at the moment, and im looking at water tank sensors. these look great, Garnet 710SS SeeLevel II Sensor Board - 16" , external sensors seem like a way better solution.

the problem, is that im a complete noob...

Ive found two forum topics using these sensors, but neither of the explains how they are used in conjunction with the Arduino, in both though, there are voltage sensors in between the water level sensor and the Arduino.

can someone explain to me how this is supposed to be hooked up?

Well, true to fashion, i search for 3 days and as soon as i post the question i find my solution…
apparently TI makes a component, which has an Arduino library, which does exactly the same thing as the sensors i wanted to use, for $20.

Figured I’d post here so that anyone else as hopeless as me can find this easier.

For anyone trying to use SeeLevel sensors with Arduino I have posted my project notes on an RPi forum (even though I worked with Arduino, there was interest in the protocol and hardware reverse engineering for RPi users).

That is seriously impressive. I have never seen anything like that.