Trying to use SPI.h in WaveHC.cpp and getting errors.

For some reason, I can't seem to get the SPI commands to be recognized. I tried including SPI.h in my main sketch, in WaveHC.cpp, and in both. In some instances I get complaints about constants in my pins_arduino.h file that don't make any sense.

How can I call SPI commands from this library? I see avr/ in front of some libraries. Is there some directory name I should put in front of this to make it find it?

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Your code? Your error messages?

I think I got it sorted, though I don't know how or why.

In the ARDUINO_PINS.H definitions you have SS MOSI MISO SCK for the SPI stuff. The WaveHC lib defines these as well. And it was defining them differently. For some reason though it wasn't until I included the SPI lib that I got conflicts on these defines. I guess maybe they aren't seen by the lib normally?

I guess maybe they aren't seen by the lib normally?

By which lib? If you don't use a library, like SPI, that defines some constants there is no conflict if another library, like WaveHC defines those same constants another way.

I'm saying MISO MOSI SCK and SS are defined in pins_arduino.h which I assume is always included since it contains the macros to convert digital pins to ports and such, but WavHC also defines these same constants and differently than I have them defined, yet the compiler never complained and everything worked properly.

It was only when I tried to include SPI.h as well that all hell broke loose.

I'll second what Nick said, then.