Trying to work a 5.6" TFT (640x480) with arduino


I am using a AT056TN52 v3, bought it from a chinese firm (Innolux).
it has a driver board with actel proASIC3 FPGA. i don't know if the FPGA is already programmed or not ( asked the manufacturer, they said that i have to drive the data pins only and sent me some timing diags. i tried interfacing based on that, nothing happened, and sent a lot of data via rs232 the tft won't even budge.

FYI, the tft is 640x480. the controller i used arduino NG w/ atmega 8l(pretty obsolete and incapable of handling this tft but the driver board has 8bit data pins.

IF u guys have already worked on something like this, your suggestion is welcome.

the pins i was told by the manufacturer to handle are the pins on the driver board. ie. (1-GND,2-GND,3-VCC,4-RD,5-WR,6-CS,7-RS,8 to 15 data pins (the pins i mentioned above), 16 - busy pin)
All pins are triggered at low level)