Trying to work out if I can build a CAN-BUS based display for my car.

I am a new user of Arduino boards and Nextion Screens. I have been researching if I can build a Can-bus to a Can-Bus Shield V2 on an Arduino Duo V3 to a Nextion 7" enhanced screen.
I have a Subaru Levorg 2018 model (basically the same as a 2018 WRX mechanically).

So I am trying to work out how to program the Arduino to read live data from the ECU and display various sensor outputs on the Nextion screen.

I have Sketch, Nextion editor installed and I have been playing with them to get familiar.

I found a library for the can-bus shield and installed it in Sketch so far...

I'm still waiting for the can-bus shield and the nextion display to be delivered.

Any guidance would be gratefully appreciated.

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Thanks for the link. I think I will change my order to a Due board.

My biggest question is: Is there a list of commands that can be programmed into the Adruino to send to via the can bus so as to display live data on the nextion screen?

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I might as well still use the Can-bus Shield from Seeed Studio as it has the transceivers built-in and then I don't have to build them.

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