TSB - Tiny safe bootloader problems?

Hi, I've recently been messing around with this project However I cannot seem to get it to work on a ATtiny84 or ATtiny85 using various different RXand TX pins. I have tried several serial interfaces including a FTDI cable and an Arduino with the ATMega328 removed. The error I get is either the word "ERROR", or a slightly delay followed by a prompt for password, or it says it has a detected a one-wire interface and then asks for a password. I have also tried a external 16Mhz crystal and the internal 8Mhz one. Anyone have any ideas or possible alternatives? Thank Nathan

Very interesting, I was looking at the t13A config and it takes 550 bytes of the 1k !!

I dont have a solution for you but I think I am going to look into this for my t85's :)

thanks for the link

Hi Nathan,

hope you are still following the answers: I have created an Arduino-Plugin with full integration of TinySafeBoot (TSB) for ATtiny84A, ATtiny85 and ATmega328P.

The project can be found here: https://mesom.de/atflash/index_english.html https://mesom.de/atflash/tinysafeboot/index_english.html