Tsic Sensoren


I am generally neu in the programming and specificaly with arduino.
I´am trying to programm 4 Temperature Sensor wich communicate with Arduino Uno Board and the results will be in PLX DAQ excel indicated.
My programm funktionert perfectly and now i just want to make some modification, to let the programm more compact and with using an iterative Sensorarray Funktion(for, while,loop or another funktion) .
Can someone help me? Have you some ideas?

Tsic.txt (1.35 KB)

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Thanks.. Tom... :)

Your code would be more efficient if you used arrays for the TSIC objects and the temperatures. There is NO reason to have 4 separate variables to hold the data read from each sensor when the data is ONLY used in a local block.

If you have 4 cans of beer, and wish to drink them all from a glass, you need one glass, not 4.

Conditionally printing, or not, to the Serial instance is NOT a good idea, when the data is being sent to Excel. You should ALWAYS print the data. You need a way to indicate that the data is good, or not, based on the data, NOT on the lack of data.

Thank you for your answer.

I understand what do you mean. and i try to look for a kind of array Sensor but i didn´t found it(or i missed something)because the initialization of sensor have to be like that TSIC sensorNUM(signal,+vcc)
can you tell me how can i do this? Any suggestion in Code?

can you tell me how can i do this?

TSIC Sensors[] = { TSIC(11, 12), TSIC(10, 12), TSIC(9, 12), TSIC(8, 12) };

The array type is TSIC, not Sensor.

Thank you very much PAULS für your Help :) .