TSOP for an infra red sensory board...

I am going to implement this ir sensor to try and test it:

Unfortunately, TSOP1838 used on the schematic of the link, is not locally available to me and no time to wait for ordering it abroad. What is locally available from TSOPX is this list:

Could you please suggest how best to compensate?

The last two digits in the part number is the modulation frequency. You will have to change the code in that link to give you this frequency and not the 40KHz that the link's title seems to suggest. So adjust the pot R2 until you get the right frequency.

Great, please let me make sure:
So, if I choose TSOP4836, that means I'm dealing with 36KHz right? And I need to adjust pot untill I read the sensor the proper way into Arduino, i.e. write a POC sketch and read sensor and adjust pot, will be the process steps?

Sorry for this big gap in knowledge :smiley:

will be the process steps?

Yes sounds like it, give it a shot.

Yet another question please:

I uploaded an image with 2 questions here:

  1. Shall I simply replace the part of 74HC00s with a single 555 Timer and its components, to get the needed freq.?

  2. Did I get the theory of operation of the circuit right please? (bottom rect.)

  1. yes
  2. that is an output from the arduino that stops and starts the oscillator, use one of the pins on the NE555 to turn it on and off.

Thanks Mike, I'm now (feeling) ready to cnc the pcb and give that shot ;D