TSSP58P38 Vs TSSP4P38 Which is better for Proximity sensing?

I’m making an IR proximity sensor for a home automation project. Since i need at least 60cm - 70cm range, i decided to use one of the the IR proximity receivers that use 38Khz IR signals. I have already bought some TSAL6100 IR emitter LEDs for this purpose and am gonna pulse them at 38Khz.

I wanted to know which IR sensor, TSSP58P38 or TSSP4P38 is better for the job or is more stable. I couldn’t really find any difference between these after looking at their datasheets (I’m not an expert at this so please let me know if I’ve missed out some obvious differences)

So what is the difference between them? Which would be better to use as a proximity sensor (based on their sensitivity, detection range etc)?

Also if there are any other IR proximity sensor that gives a pulse width modulated output that could be used for this purpose, please let me know! (I need some sort of pulse width or analog output as i would like to get a rough estimate of object’s distance from the sensor) Thank you so much :slight_smile:

The TSSP58P38 is smaller but needs more brightness than the TSSP4P38.

Isn't it easier to use a single body sensor such as the VL53L0X time of flight sensor? Easy to read through I2C.

but needs more brightness

Do you mean it needs a much brighter IR emitting LED?

And I could use a ToF sensor but since I need 2 such sensors at each door and am automating 3 doors, it can get pricey buying 6 or 8 ToF sensors. I thought I could use a much cheaper IR system, that way I even get enough stock to build for more than 3 doors in the future

I got my VL53L0X sensors for less than 20 RMB a piece on breakout board, plus a little for shipping, total the equivalent of about USD 4. Fairly expensive indeed for a sensor (the common HC-SR04 ultrasound sensor is just a fraction of that price), but they’re very easy to work with.