TTB223b Capacitive Sensor - Questions and issues

Hi guys.
I've got an issue and a question about the TTB223b Touch Sensors.

I've got several TTB223b Capacitive Touch Sensors that are all auto triggering, they always show an high signal. If I read the analog value, it's always 1023... Is there something broken? Are they burned? There is a way to debug the circuits.

Other Question
Is there a way to increase the capacitive touch area? Should I change the capacitor on board in order to properly use these sensors?

Depending on signals (Ucc / 0v) connected to pin 4, the senor is normally high or normally low. Pin 6 controls a pulse output or toggle output.
Check for a low pulse wheb touched.

Connect output to arduino uno pin 2 and attach interrupt to the pin…

I'm trying to control a 12V actuator with the sensor. I'm stepping voltage down to 5V (see link 1) to the sensor. Then from the sensor to a step up convertor (see link 2) back to 12V. The step up convertor can't go above 6.04 V. Do I need to add anything to the I/O of the sensor so that the step up convertor can reach the target 12V? Thank you.

Link 1:

Link 2:

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I'm new here and I'm sure it is not an excuse, since there are forum rules explained. But this thread has a subject as follows;

TTB223b Capacitive Sensor - Questions and issues

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