TTGO Camera Plus Usage

I am trying to make a project, in which I have to record audio and video, activate it with a voice trigger, ad send it to a mobile using Bluetooth. I found that TTGO Camera Plus has all these functions available, but I am unable to find any codes to make it work. Any help will be highly appreciated. And I am a beginner, so please go easy.

Is google working where you are? Here, the first hit on "TTGO Camera Plus" found code.

Is this your first, or one of your first projects? It's not really a beginner task.

Exactly, I am a newbie, assigned a behemoth task. I have seen the above mentioned code before.

Any functions or libraries I can study about? Or, can I see examples on ESP32 or ESP32cam, and will they work here?

You said

This implies that you can find the code. I believe it's open source. It's not our job to find it, I hope I'm not being too blunt.

Okay, you can’t share codes. But can I use esp32 codes to make it work?

Since the TTGO is an ESP32 development board then you would expect it to be using 'ESP32 Codes', a strange question really.

Could be an interesting project for an very experienced ESP32 user, a 'beginner' is most unlikely to get very far at all.

I did share code. The link is above. If you Google some more, you will find that there is an entire firmware support ecosystem for that system.

If you go to the root of the Github page I linked to, you'll see that numerous projects are there for the same board. You should be able to find some examples there to help you get started.

...but that page probably only scratches the surface of what you can find by looking...

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