TTL Serial Camera NTSC Pin

Hello all, this is the first time for me to play with a camera connected to arduino. I'm creating a mobile robot and I want to mount a camera on top of the robot. So I want direct connection between the camera and arduino, which in the future I might send through a wifi module or save on a SD memory. This isn't the problem. The problem is whether it is possible to directly connect this camera directly to arduino or not ? Also the NTSC video out pin from the camera can be connected to any analog pin to the arduino ? Thanks

What you ar asking about is documented on the page you are linking to, so why won't you look there for the answer?

You cannot readily connect the analog video output to the analog-in pins though - the Arduino is orders of magnitude too slow to do anything meaningful with the video signal - but by overclocking it, you can make it into a rudimentary framegrabber - look here:

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