TTP223 Touch Sensor Module False trigger when using with 12 volt LED strip

Hi, Going forward with my "LED Mirror" project, i had couple of issue which i stated in my Earlier post but now i have a new problem and looking for some assistance related to TTP223 Module.

Said LED Mirror is powered by 12 volt 2 amp Adaptor to drive the LED strip and my Arduino pro mini is connected to the adaptor via LM2596 which is set to give ouput around 5.2 volts, additionaly there is a 16X2 blue LCD display to display time/date and tempreature. Now the expectation is that when i touch the deignated "swicth" area in the mirror (backed by TTP223 sensor module) the LED strip should on and if i touch it again then the LED should switch off which is exatcly happening so no issues here.

The only issue is random false trigger by TTP223 Module, means just randomly trigger the 5 volt Relay connetced to LED strip switch on and some time swicth off automaticaly also sometime it just on/off multiple time in very short span of time.

I have try mutiple things like seperate power supply to LED strip with common ground, aluminium foil around the touch sensor and ground it but there is not noticable change, sometime one thing work and next time it dont.

I can confirm this whole setup work absolutly fine without the mirror and lED strip, but the issue arise ONLY when i put everything in the back of the mirror.

I might be wrong but it looks like a grounding issue or something, like if the coated back surface of the mirror have to do somehing with this issue but i am not sure if this is the case.

Said Tocuh sensor is in it default confiugration means both jumpers are open and i am handling the on/off status via code because some other needs.

It will be realy great if someone assist me in this.


The back of your mirror (the bit that makes it shiny) is indeed a huge sheet of metal... so chances are this does affect your sensor.

When does the random switching happen? Only around the time you try to switch it on/off or any time?

Hi, the random on/off is happening anytime and there is no pattern but mostly happens when the mirror is touching the floor or standing on an insulated surface and touching the wall.

I should also mention that in the final setup the mirror will be covered by a square cover made by ACP Sheet
so my plan is to rather than using aluminum foil which can have weathering effects over the period of time , I will ground the whole back cover and this should sort of neutralize any static charge generated on that metal coat of mirror.

Finger crossed and meanwhile looking for other suggestion /advise .