Tuition help with arduino projects in Berkshire/Surrey UK

I am a 10 year old boy and am trying to do the projects in the Arduino Projects Book.

I live in north Surrey and am also very close to Berkshire.

Is there anyone living in my area who could help me with these projects.

I am finding it difficult to get them to work.

I can travel with my dad to surrounding areas for tuition.

Thank you,


You have mail

I'm not in UK but I like that a 10year old want to become someone like us, You can get along with your dad and maybe shoot some questions that you may have to me online!

Hello Cameron,

I am from the UK but i now live in France. I have quite a few people that i help mentor through project building. I will be willing to help you but unfortunately will not be able to come over to the UK to fix thinks in person.

Get your Dad to send me a PM since this is a public forum and I am sure he is monitoring and censoring the feedback.

Cheers Pete.