Turbomachinery Balancing Machine-Measuring Angle of Roating Shaft

Hi, I need help on the subject. We have a very old turbomachienery balancing machine, their is a round graduated strip on a machine which shows the angle. I need suggestions from the forum members how and what devices i required to display the angle of the shaft.

Example: 1- Shaft is stopped and its angle is set to ZERO. 2- Now shaft is rotated at about 1500 RPM and the machine is stopped. The machine tell us unbalance weight and the angle on an Analog dial. 3- Currently, we manually rotate the shaft and stop it at that angle using graduated strip. 4- Is it possible i have an LCD display that shows me exact angle +-1 degree.

I have little experience in Arduino Programming. LCD and Arduino is available. Do i need encoder? Anybody point me to the direction.

I can explain much better if above is not understandable. Regards

If you can get a suitable encoder connected to the shaft you can display the current angle (to the resolution of the encoder, which may not be +/- 1 degree). How is this any better than reading the position off a mechanical display?

I can see the point if the Arduino is also controlling the motor and moving the shaft to the correct position for you, but then that entails the Arduino working out what the required position is, which probably means interfacing with your balance machine, which is a whole other problem.

Thank you Peter for your words on the subject. What type of encoder i should use Absolute or Differential?... I have seen the encoder usage with the Arduino but never see any sketch which convert the count into Angle. I want it to show me 360 degree angle. I have 2000PPR encoder available and i will check what can i do with it..

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Your 2000 ppr should be ok as it can give you a resolution of 0.18 deg. I would have thought absolute position encode is necessary as you are looking for an absolute position.

I too cant see the point in all the effort to simply replace an analogue gauge with a digital unless you are linking the reading to some other equipment.