Turining Multiple LEDs on or off at the same time

Hello Everyone, Lindelani here, i’m working on a project for one of my classes here, i’ve been instructed to turn on 6 LED pins at the same time when a button is pushed, could anyone please help me out as to how i can turn all six at the same time, Thank you

A pushbutton can result 6 successive digitalWrites so fast nobody will know what hit them. But if they absolutely must be simultaneous then look up "port manipulation" (i.e. 'google' "Arduino port manipulation")


Attach all 6 leds in parallel to the same Arduino pin (each with its own series resistor). If you do this, you won't need to change your code, but you might need to use higher value series resistors. You can have 5mA per led which is still pretty bright with modern high-brightness leds. If you need more than 5mA per led, you will need to use a transistor to boost the current handling of the Arduino output.

That's an interesting take on the assignment, PaulRB but... the assignment is "to turn on 6 LED pins at the same time" Yes,... "LED pins"... well...

We only have a second-hand, abridged version of the wording of the assignment from someone not used to the terminology involved. Lets see if the OP can clarify.

PaulRB: Lets see if the OP can clarify.

Do not hold your breath.