Turn Arduino into flash programmer

Hi, i know this is not exactly a microcontroller..but i couldnt find any better section :) I have a BIOS flash in my motherboard and i need to put the bios code into it.. Its SST49LF080A Flash.. is there any way how to program it using Arduino Dueminalove? I dont want to buy a programmer :) Thanks guys

Most modern motherboards have the Bios update code built into itself. Other than that you download the code from the internet and flash it on the computer itself. I've never known having to use a programmer to do it. It's like playing Russian roulette, but you don't need any hardware to do it.........

Yes I know that.. it has update software.. but my other motherboard has one bios for running and another as a backup.. so if it fails it loads the backup bios.. but this is Asus Striker Extreme and it doesnt have backup bios onboard.. this one is broken so i need a programmer to put there new version of bios to make MB running. My friend done the flashing using programmer once for me.. but he is far away.. so i thought Arduino would help me.

The Arduino has an SPI interface, if that's what you need? An Arduino board could easily be set up as an USB-to-SPI converter, but I'm afraid I can't help you with the specifics of BIOS programming.

Well.. i dont think SPI will help me.. because its just a serial line and i need to programm the flash memory.. It has two operation modes: Low Pin Count and Parallel Programming . I have the bios file in my PC as a .bin , but i think arduino cant programm it.. maybe with some additional hardware.. anyways thanks for replies :)

Get the Flash datasheet, and see what protocol it uses. I think its possible to be done, at least with a BusPirate there are even tutorials to do it.