Turn motor clockwise and off (please help important)

Trying to turn motor clockwise and off. I am using basic authentication and in my HTML i am turning on and off LEDS and one stepper motor. Please this is very important to me to finish. I am a lousy programmer and i am desperate. Please help me. Everything has to work(authentication, turning on off leds and motor)

Thank you

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Which part of this are you having trouble with?

Which Arduino are you using and when is the assignment due?


What kind of motor and how is it connected. You might not be able to turn it clockwise. It is easy to turn it off, unplug the arduino.

My leds are working but my motor is not.

Did you implement the motor control part? Do you understand how it is supposed to work? Several things need to happen in order for the web page to display the motor controls, the controls to send messages to the Arduino, the Arduino to correctly recognise those messages and command the motor to move or stop, and the motor to move and stop when commanded. Which parts out of that are working, and what problems do you have with the parts that are not working?

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Then I suggest you implement that.

Since you say the stepper motor works when you run the example sketches, it's reasonable to assume the hardware is correct. Now you just need to write the sketch.

The all-capitals thread subject is incredibly annoying.

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... i am willing to pay up to 50 euros to write me the code and is actually working ...

Would you like me to move this thread to "Gigs and Collaborations" which is where you offer to pay people?

My assignment must turn the motor online using html ...

I trust you will tell the teacher that you paid for the assignment to be done, and that it was not your own work.

I wrote the code so 3/4 of the working code is mine. No I don't want to move this topic. I want to delete it.

I wrote the code so 3/4 of the working code is mine. No I don't want to move this topic. I want to delete it.

If you'd just answered the questions, you'd have gotten working code and a lot less grief.


  client.println F("<font color='black' 

jumped off the page at me.