Turn ON/OFF tft shield from software

Can it be done?

What pin name should I be looking for on the shield?

Which shield do you have?

You can send all controllers to sleep or displays off.

Very few shields can turn the backlight off. It is the LED backlight that takes substantial current.


Hello David
This:AliExpres link

And this:AliExpres link

Do you have a link for a TFT shield that can power down the backlight?

The first one is a regular Mega shield. It does not have a separate Backlight pin.
The second is a regular Blue Mcufriend Uno Shield. It does not have a separate Backlight pin.

If they did have access to the Backlight LEDs, you need a transistor to switch them.

We have discussed this before. It would be simple to mod either of the Aliexpress shields.

Yes, Shields from Waveshare and EastRising can PWM the the backlight and turn it off completely.