Turn on relay with arduino using VB program and .NET framework

I need to turn a light on to signal floor associates that a part is ready. I am wondering what the best way to go about this is. I need to make the signal happen with a VB program. I was thinking about using a huzzah to try and accomplish this but I am not exactly sure where to even start. Any ideas or links to similar projects out there?

A huzzah is an ESP8266 board.

One of the ESP8266 example sketches (I believe it's called 'SimpleWebServer') does pretty much exactly what you want: A web server that turns the builtin LED on/off when you hit certain URLs.

Your VB program would only need to hit those URLs, and you would want to light up something a bit brighter than the builtin LED.

Thanks ill check into this via google.

I looked into using a web page and this seems simple enough. To do this I would have to use a windows form to open the web page and click a button. Is there any ways to by pass this? As in, if I have a computer on the network can I have it run the code to turn the LED on without the browser interface?

Yes. There is nothing special about a browser that lets it do things your app couldn't do.

Your app would connect to the server in the ESP board and send some data, possibly an HTTP request.
I can't tell you about VB, but if you don't know how to do it you should probably look for an HTTP-Client or Socket-Client library or module or package or whathaveyou.

to signal floor associates that a part is ready

By the way .. if you're trying to integrate this into an existing workflow management system, you should check whether it has built-in scripting features that can do HTTP requests. In that case you may not need that VB app at all.

you could write a TCP or UDP server in VB to control a client prrogram on the Arduino