Turn on solenoid P channel mosfet

I am building a circuit to turn a couple solenoids on and off. I am trying to follow the method on this link http://digitaldiy.io/general-electronics/67-tip-logic-level-fets-p-channel.html#.VRljZ47F-no

What I find

Turn on 12V source 0V arduino pin 2 11.2V solenoid 11.6V emitter pin to ground 2N3904

Changing state 4.6V arduino pin 2 11.2V solenoid 0.08V emitter pin to ground 2N3904

I can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

Also I have MOSFET NDP6020P as well. If I put that in it works but the data sheet lists Vgs as 8V max continuous.

This is how I have the mosfet connected

Don't know about your bread board, but mine all have a break in the centre of the common rails. Use another wire link to bridge the gap.

Thanks I made a mistake on the Fritzing that I just fixed. I’m powering it from a 12V power supply. The top rail of the bread board has 12V and the bottom has 5V from the arduino the ground is all common. I left the sensors out of the fritzing for simplicity.

I found my mistake IRLB8743 is a N channel