Turning a breadboard project into a real product

So, I have finished the completion of my testing that I wanted to do on a circuit i have designed. What I want to know is if there is any chips out there that would allow me to basically transfer my code I used on a Arduino Pro Micro to a single chip (with internal crystal :smiley: ) for use on a commercial product. Any information or suggestion would be much appreciated.

Do you mean an Arduino Micro or a Pro Mini? The Micro uses an ATmega32u4 microcontroller, on the Pro Mini it's ATmega328.

However, using a standalone chip requires more work than just putting it on a PCB. The internal oscillator, for example, can't go up to the speeds of an Arduino - you'll need external crystal and matching capacitors for that. You'll also have to understand the pin mapping, take care of a bootloader (or program it directly) and so forth.

Did you take a look at "arduino standalone" or "arduino on breadboard" tutorials? They can be a good place to start.

I don't think internal crystal is good enough for USB comm's, that's why the 32U4 boards have an external crystal.
The only USB/Serial adapter that I know of that has no crystal is the FTDI chip FT232R kind of chips. It has an internal oscillator and a phase locked loop to create the high resolution clock needed for USB comm's.