turning a robots head toward your voice

I know there have been various threads over the years attempting sound localization
for example
sound localizing project help - Project Guidance - Arduino Forum)
But these approaches all have poor resolution, high latency, and require the sound to repeat.

Just as the amazon echo has an led ring that points to the source of your voice, i would like to drive a stepper motor that turns the robots head.

As this would require a far field microphone array, i have found some boards that offer this functionality

The respeaker microphone array

the matrix creator

the kitra520

So although
I have basic arduino/rasbPi experience, I have no real hardware expertise. The respeaker would require purchase of the core unit as well so it would be somewhat more expensive. But I do not know how to compare these two hardware platforms.
Has anyone any familiarity with this hardware?
Has anyone seen this problem solved before (so I dont need to reinvent the wheel)?

I have investigated 'homegrown'solutions using individual mics whose signals are compared and using phase differences to determine a direction(the mic closer to the sound source gets the signal sooner). However, this is not accurate when identifying a sound impulse and requires a continuous or repeating sound.

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It's more likely nobody has an answer. Nobody is familiar with the hardware you listed.