Turning antenna 360 degrees

Please am working on an antenna project and i need the boards and parts i need to be able to make the antenna turn 360 degrees continuously

Need to find yourself a "slip ring" with enough tracks for the power, Gnd, and whatever signals need to be shared between the moving part and the non-moving part.

There was a fairly recent topic on making sliprings that might help you out.

Normally you don't need slip rings because you never continuously rotate.
This link shows many home projects on this topic:-

Grumpy mike:
From the OP

360 degrees continuously

Grumpy mike:
From the OP

360 degrees continuously

Yes but not two and three revolutions. You can not get slip rings that will carry a RF signal. That is why radar that is not using waveguides only oscillate there antenna and do not continuously rotate them.

Is this some kind of tracking system where the antenna will just rotate continuously? I mean, not just that it can turn 'round 360, but that it keeps turning?

It helps if all the commies are in the same direction and unlikely to be able to attack you from behind.

Hi, you could do it with RF but the antenna would have to be able to rotate 370 degrees , back and forth, the extra 10 Degrees gives sweep overlap at ends of travel.
You would need to have a couple of turns of coax around the rotating shaft to minimize coax stress due to flexing.
Only a suggestion.

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