Turning off error message parsing?


I often have the situation that my sketch produces error messages that don’t reach the output window. I.e. I’ll end up with the message “Invalid error line: -2” or some such thing, right now I have

error: stray ‘\302’ in program In constructor ‘ScopeDisplay::ScopeDisplay()’:
In member function ‘void ScopeDisplay::setScopes(const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*, const char*)’:
In member function ‘void ScopeDisplay::drawTextIfNeeded(S65Display&)’:

(verbatim copied). Obviously, this is jumbled and doesn’t make sense. My guess is that the error message parser of the Arduino IDE jumbles these errors. Is it possible to turn off error message parsing? Turning up error verbosity in the preferences file doesn’t help, I’ve tried.

Thanks a lot in advance,