Turning Off Large 7 segment Display


So I made a little project with 4 - 7 segment Display 4" (For every display I had to use the sparkfun large digit driver ofc!) and I’ve use a gyroscope to hold track of the rotation, every time when it has rotated for 360 degrees it increments the counter and it shows on the display.

This project is running on a battery of 50.000mAh, a.t.m I’m trying to reduce battery (project needs to run at least a week without changing battery). So I was thinking to turn off the displays when the gyro is not rotating. I programmed it, working well but there is 1 problem. Every time I clear the segments (when the gyro is not rotating) one of my sparkfun large digit driver IC gets very warm. I’ve use the showNumber function to check if the IC still gets hot but that doesn’t happen. This problem is only happening when I clear the segments >.>

This the code That I’ve been using:

My clearSegments function

void clearSegments() {
  for (byte x = 0 ; x < 4 ; x++) {
      postNumber(" ", false);
  digitalWrite(segmentLatch, LOW);
  digitalWrite(segmentLatch, HIGH);

The postnumber function

void postNumber(byte number, boolean decimal)
#define a  1<<0
#define b  1<<6
#define c  1<<5
#define d  1<<4
#define e  1<<3
#define f  1<<1
#define g  1<<2
#define dp 1<<7

  byte segments;

  switch (number)
    case 1: segments = g | d; break;
    case 2: segments = f | g | b | dp | c; break;
    case 3: segments = f | g | b | d | c; break;
    case 4: segments = a | b | g | d; break;
    case 5: segments = f | a | b | d | c; break;
    case 6: segments = f | a | b | d | c | dp; break;
    case 7: segments = f | g | d; break;
    case 8: segments = a | b | c | d | dp | f | g; break;
    case 9: segments = a | b | c | d | f | g; break; // a | b | c | d | f | g; break
    case 0: segments = a | g | c | d | dp | f; break;
    case ' ': segments = 0; break;

  // Segments not working on 0
  if (decimal) segments |= e;

  //Clock these bits out to the drivers
  for (byte x = 0 ; x < 8 ; x++)
    digitalWrite(segmentClock, LOW);
    digitalWrite(segmentData, segments & 1 << (7 - x));
    digitalWrite(segmentClock, HIGH); //Data transfers to the register on the rising edge of SRCK

I hope you guys have an idea what I’m doing wrong and how to solve this.
Thank you very much!

Need the circuit diagram and a decent photo of the arrangement.

However you need to have usable photos of the whole assmebly.

Unless you are a professional photographer and know what you are doing, do not attempt to take photos inside.

Take your parts outside in full daylight but not direct sun. Use a real camera able to focus in detail and if it has no "macro" function, keep at least half a metre away and use the (genuine) zoom.

For every display I had to use the sparkfun large digit driver

Can you also post the link to that please.

What ever it is it is highly unlikely to be your software, it is most probably a hardware problem.