Turning off Wemos D1 mini pro - but still letting it charge

I'm a bit stumped here folks!

Got a project which is battery powered via a single cell LiPo battery. Got the trial code working on a D1 Mini and now looking at the wider hardware to build the thing properly.
The D1 Mini Pro looks very attractive as it offers built in charging and has a 5V step up converter on board, which I can use to power the neopixels i've got as part of the project (yes i've seen the topics about powering the Wemos via the 5V pin and issues with pixels flickering because of it).

The problem is, I can't work out how to turn the thing off! I do want the thing to be completely off when somebody switches the power switch off, but still want the battery to be able to charge if plugged in. This means a switch in the battery line is a no.

There are a few solder pads on the back including one marked bat-a0. There's also LDO-EN and Sleep. None of these jump out as being what I need.

Can anybody suggest a way of switching off the processor whilst still letting it charge? I'd also want to switch off the 5V step up. If not i'll have to look at separate charging hardware. I'd look at the battery shield and just switch the 3.3 and 5V pins between the shield and the Wemos D1 Mini, but it means having to have an external 5V step up so doesn't actually win me anything.

Any thoughts appreciated!

If anybody's interested, the project is a set of 10 LED light sources connected by wifi to Artnet run from a theatre lighting desk. These will be going inside a set of paper chinese lanterns which will be carried by dancers. They'll also be able to be put on strings to make LED Poi that can again be controlled by the lighting desk. Working really nicely!

have you found any solutions?


Hi Folks,

This is my exact issue and I am not seeing solution out in the wilds of Google.. any ideas how to resolve this?

*cedd did you ever resolve this?

** Wemos D1 Mini Pro v2 with built in charger and an attached 3.7 volt Lipo