Turning on all the lights

So far I've been able to turn on 3 of the 4 LEDs that are connected to the nano. Of course the power is always on, the L light is trivial to turn on. Where I started running into trouble was the RX and TX lights.

Setting pins 0 and 1 to high didn't work. I was eventually able to get the TX light to turn on by sending print statements to the serial port every 5 milliseconds. That's 3.

I figured maybe there was a statement similar to print but on the input side of things that would force the RX light to turn on.

Is there ANY way to programmatically turn that light on? I don't care if it's hackish. I just want it to turn on via code. Thank you.

Rx only turns on when signal is received from USB port.
Tx only turns on when signal is sent out from USB port.

But I powered the chip with a usb cable that had its + and - data wires removed so it was ONLY providing voltage. The TX light still turned on. I was sending data using the serial print command but it wasn't really going anywhere. Could I not use the same trickery to make the RX channel poll for data and turn the light on in the process?

The USB Serial adapter is a Slave. It doesn’t poll. It can only send out what the Arduino sends it (Tx light) and send out what the PC sends it (Rx light).
Unless you reprogram it.