Turning On LED when approach with RFID tag

Hello guys, I have an idea but I’m not sure what is the better way to do it. I want to put a LED stripe “under” my front door’s doorstep and when I approach it the light turn on. Sooo… I can think of two ways to do that.

  1. Using RFID tag;
  2. Putting motion sensor somewhere outside.

Which one is better (or maybe easier) to do? I want to have RFID tag in my pocket/wallet and when I get close to the door (not more than 2m. away) the light turns on. I don’t know if it’s possible the tags to be read while they’re in your pocket/wallet. Also, the negative thing is that the light will turn on even when you’re inside and in the same range (<2m. from the door). Am I right? What will you advice me? Thank you in advance!

Motion sensor is the simplest way.
Unless you specifically want the light to not work for anyone who isn't you because you're a jerk like that. :slight_smile:

Use an IR distance sensor, the RIFD will not have the range you want. A PIR sensor will have too much of a range.