Turning on pin change interrupts

I'm trying to use pins A15 and A14 on my Arduino Mega 2560 as pin change interrupts. The documentation is confusing. I'd just like a bit of confirmation as to whether or not this will work. Here is my code.

Void initializeInterrupts(){
    cli() //turns off interrupts

    PCICR = 0x04 //turns on PCIE2 which will trigger an interrupt on any change
                   //of PCINT23..16 using PCI2 vector
    PCMSK2 = 0b11000000 //enables interrupts only on PCINT23..22 which should be A15, A14

    sei() //turns interrupts back on


Welcome to the forum. You will get more help and learn more if you read this posting on how to use the forum. and follow the guide lines. See expecially #11 "Tips for getting the most out of your post".

Here is my code.

No. "Here is a snippet of code", but Kudo's on the code tags.

You won't destroy your Arduino to try the code. The Arduino is a learning environment. What are you seeing? If there is a problem, please describe what it is.

If the interrupts are not triggering or the ISR is not doing what you want, its the code or hardware setup I'm not seeing that is causing a problem.