Turtle from an Arduino Uno


I am a software developer that decided to tinker with Arduino, so I got a Arduino board last Christmas but never got an idea for a project to play with.

Recently an idea came up. Design a turle (as in turtle graphics) robot to have fun with my daughter.
The general idea is that I somehow control a little robot that has a pen attached and draws something wherever it goes. It can also pull the pen up so it doesn't draw while moving. The moving is controlled by a program interpreted in real-time. The interpreter/software bit I can deal with, what I am not sure about is where to begin.

I guess I need a motor (do I need two) and some wheels. Then attach the Uno to the wheels/motor and make the whole thing move. Any suggestions on how to start, where to attach the pen and what to use to pull up the pen and push it down?

Paulo Matos

The doodle BOT from hobbyking might be a good starting Point. I don't know where it gets ist data from, but thats something to start with.

The Doodle bot is made by Dagu. They have a support site here: DAGU products There you can find the instruction manual and sample code. Looks like a nice kit.

@pmatos :Good Day.This is the exact thing am looking for.can you share the code that you built in .I Had a same thing in my mind controlling laser pointer .