TUTO ARDUINO with some type of Display

hi here some short Youtube video link with exemples of using some kind of Display with UNO

I2C 16x2 LCD screen


Mini 120x64 I2C OLED screen

Is there a question or do you mean these to be tutorials? There is a section for tutorials.

Hi ,
sorry it's clearly a tutorial but as i'm a novice on this forum, i've posted it in what i thought was the better category ( Display) then after discovering there was a spécific tuto section in the forum ( other youtube link posted in it) but was unable to delete this post and move it in the tutorial section=> tried 2 times the delete Option in edit mode of the post with no results so i stop annoying me with the manipulation and let the tutorial in this section. if you have a "tutorial " to explain how to move it in the tutorial section , it would be helpfull for me .

Use the Report to Moderator link to request that the Moderator move the thread.

OK thanks for explanations .