Tutor needed for Stepper Motor Build $

Hi - I’m looking for a tutor to guide me through the process of building a small, custom programmed stepper motor. I am an artist and Graduate student. This motor would be used to power part of an interactive art installation. I have purchased what I believe to be the necessary components, based on tutorials I have viewed in the Arduino project section. I would need to control time, speed, and direction. Budget is negotiable.

Is there more to the installation electrically or is it just a single stepper? The reason I ask is that if you're only moving motors, then it is probably easier to program an Arduino with grbl and use g-code commands which are easier than learning to program.

Alternately, I have some code that turns motor sequencing into a series of commands and I've been idly thinking of open-sourcing it. e.g., you'd specify motor motions in a set of commands like

struct motionSequence sequence[] =
	// Motor 1 forward
	{1, 100000,  1, 110,   1500},

	// Motor 2 forward
	{2, 1000,    1, 90,    1800},

	// Motor 3 forward
	{3, 10000,   1, 130,   1800},

	// Motor 2 backward
	{2, -10000,   1, 120,   1500},

	// Motor 3 back
	{3, -10000,   1, 130,   1800},

Send me a PM if either of these options sounds useful.

Hi - thanks for reaching out. I'm not familiar with grbl, but appreciate the advice. I was following this project as a diy endeavor:

I bought all of the parts but immediately began experiencing build issues, possible electrical bugs, etc. I also realized it is probably not the best use of my time and working with a pro such as yourself might be a better path forward.

Ideally, I would simply have you build/code the motor and ship it to me. I would then seek your advice on adjusting the code (I'm on a Mac) so I may experiment with the speed, timing, and direction by changing the variables.

What are your thoughts in regards?


That sounds good. I try to provide enough explanation in the code to allow you to change parameters and rebuild as needed so you can tweak things as needed. I think that would work well in your case.

I also offer full assembly and machine shop services if needed. I will send you a Private Message with details.

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Also, to answer your first question, It would be ideal to power the device with 12v. This way I could have a transformer plugged into a standard 120v outlet and then be able to run small, discrete power over distance via 14 or 16 gauge landscape wire.

Thank you. Not sure where to view PM's on this forum?

If you click on your user name, it will bring up a menu. Click the envelope and that will show incoming messages. I'll send you an update later today.

What is your timeframe for completion, BTW?

Thanks, I will look out for the pm.