Tutorial: Interfacing an 8-bit Microcontroller with a 10-bit Device over the SPI

Hi everyone,

I recently wrote up a tutorial on interfacing the (8-bit) Arduino with a 10-bit ADC over the SPI protocol: https://engineerworkshop.com/2019/03/31/interfacing-an-8-bit-microcontroller-with-a-10-bit-device-over-the-spi-protocol/

I know that such a library already exists for this device but my goal for this tutorial was to show people how to implement the SPI protocol based entirely off of the device’s data sheet since you won’t always have a library available. Perhaps even more importantly, by removing the abstraction (and thus obfuscation) that a ready-built library gives you, I hope the tutorial helps users develop a more intuitive understanding for how the SPI protocol works. No assumptions are made about the user needing a priori knowledge before these tutorials.

This blog serves as a learning tool (as well as a general notebook) for me, and I plan on creating many more of these tutorials in the future so any feedback is greatly appreciated! Thanks.