Tutorial showing Arduino Due as slave of Jetson TK1 for high-speed SPI data

I just published a series of blog posts that show how to connect an Arduino Due to a Jetson TK1 ARM system to transfer high-speed data streams (25 MHz) between them. The Due is an SPI slave device of the Jetson, and it uses the DMA controller of the SAM3X chip on the Due to control the data transfers. I found that trying to use interrupts would not work at those speeds. Only the DMA was fast enough to stream the data. Source code for the Due and Jetson are included. You can find the blog posts here: http://neurorobotictech.com/Community/Blog/tabid/184/ID/11/Using-the-Jetson-TK1-SPI--Part-1-Why-is-SPI-important.aspx