Tutorial TemperatureWebPanel, sample HTML page?

Hello, I am on the Tutorial/TemperatureWebPanel. After fought strongly, with a lot of try and retry with the WEB part, I see that the HTML can directly made by the sketch, with print out as: client.print(" Current temperature: "); to deliver HTML tag and code to the browser.

But in this example, this is not the only source of HTML; it must be a more complicated exchange, as described in the header of the sketch, with the use of javascript zepto.js; probably with AJAX exchange, that I am no familiar with. I have found the zepto.js on the WEB, (quasi human unreadable to understand what is made with). But what to do with, and how to use it? Of course, when I store a web page in directory \arduino\www\temperature\, or \arduino\www\temperaturewebpanel\ , I see the static page stored here, by the URL: Note the Yun is accessed on with the direct IP address.

Question: where can we found a sample page HTML for this tutorial, that use (or not) the zepto.js ?

Please give a quick read to this blog post for an overview on how sketches with "www" folder work http://blog.arduino.cc/2013/09/05/hands-on-the-arduino-yuns-bridge/

The html and js files are located in the sketch example folder. Say your IDE is installed at folder ARDUINO_IDE: you'll find the code at ARDUINO_IDE/libraries/Bridge/examples/TemperatureWebPanel/