Tutorials for 4D systems uLCD-32PTU-AR screen integration with Arduino?

Other than the quick introduction to the new 4D systems workshop here: 4D Systems Touch LCD Screens - YouTube does anyone know where I can find a clear and simple tutorial on how to code my arduino UNO for integration with my LCD? Or even a sample code I can copy and play with?

I simply want to be able to read a few sensors and be able to control i/o pins on the arduino from the display. Using the visigenie application in the workshop to create an interface is easy enough with all the drag and drop sensor displays and buttons. What I don't fully understand is the coding for the arduino to talk to the LCD and display individual sensors on their corresponding meter with button on/off control, etc.

In case you couldn't tell.. I am still a newbie to programming so any help here would be greatly appreciated! XD

There is an Genie example on the 4D site, can’t remember where though.

Found an example, not from their official place but the same I think.

Also, IIRC there’s a manual with a good description of how to use Genie.


4dexample.ino (5.81 KB)