Tuturials & projects compatible w/all boards?


Sorry for this newbie question:
Do the list of tutorials (built-in examples, library examples, projects) listed in https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/HomePage, apply to all the listed products (Arduino101/Genuino101, ArduinoUno/GenuinoUno, ArduinoMicro/GenuinoMicro, etc), meaning those tutorial will work on any of the boards?

It would be safest to assume that Tutorials work on the Uno as it is the most "standard" Arduino.

The Micro is similar to a Leonardo and has a different USB interface with the PC which behaves a little different. Also it has a spare HardwareSerial port.

I have no experience of the 101 but I believe its hardware is very different.

I guess many of the simple examples will work with all boards.

It would help if you explain why you have asked the question.