TV and motion sensor

Hi guys,

My knowledge is pretty limited at the moment, so I'm just testing the waters and wondering about the feasibility of a project, and the components / process that might be needed to make it work. Please excuse my ignorance and lack of know-how.

Basically, I'm an artist and working with some TVs installed in a space. I'd like a TV to be triggered to turn on by a motion sensor. That would be the minimum. If it's also possible, it'd also be great if the TV would turn off if a viewer left the space.


That should be possible… I’ve never done it but I think you can find examples of people making IR TV remotes. The trick is to find the right “code” for on/off (or whatever functions you want). You might have to take some extra steps to build an IR receiver to “capture” the existing remote codes.

With most modern TVs you can’t simply turn-off the power because they may not come back to the same “state” (same channel/input and same volume, etc.) as when they were powered-off.

Here is a video, Control your LEDs with your TV remote?! || Arduino IR Tutorial I believe is along the same lines as DVDdoug was mentioning. I have used it to play around with capturing IR signals, but nothing else at the moment.