TV B Gone for arduino tiny

I see that there are programs for TV B Gone for the attiny85 in AVR and for the arduino with atmega328, but is there anything written for the attiny85, programmed by the arduino as an ISP and the arduino tiny library? I'd like to use an ATtiny85 but I would also like to stick with arduino coding.



I haven't looked into this too far, however going by the lengths taken to squeeze tha AVR code down to fit that might be quite a challenge. The design notes page explains the encoding for the timing to get so many codes onto the ATtiny.

If you want to build your own from scratch without hitting the AVR, you can get the pre-programmed ATTiny85 on its own and build the rest around it.

Cheers! Geoff

No I can program it, I just wanted to stick with what I have done already. But if there's nothing out there already I'll just stick with the AVR program.