TV-B-Gone now running on Arduino

I've ported the TV-B-Gone to the Arduino. The TV-B-Gone is an IR remote gizmo to turn off almost any TV; it sends over 100 different TV off codes. The original TV-B-Gone runs on the ATtiny85, so I had to dome some work with the PWM timer to work on the Arduino's ATmega328.

I have the details at TV-B-Gone for the Arduino


Very cool! I've been wondering when someone would port this to Arduino :). Nicely done! :smiley:

I have been trying to port this to the Arduino for ages, glad someone took the time to do it. For some reason, my main TV turns off with the US mode (I live in Australia), and one of my TV's didnt do anything.

How many codes are there to transmit? I believe I am somehow getting them transmitted twice, as the TV turns off, but then back on a short time later?

Dan :slight_smile:

my main TV turns off with the US mode (I live in Australia)

What brand/model is it? It could very well be one that's typically used in the USA.

I believe I am somehow getting them transmitted twice

Maybe your TV is just confusing two as the same thing? :slight_smile: But it is possible it's transmitting twice. Check the code?

Instead of using an IR LED, I switched out the LED for an IR laser module.

It works, but aiming without a camera sucks :smiley:

I have a large LED array here I am going to try too ...

Dang it, you beat me to it. Well done!

Great job,

but if started (startup or reset) with the pin 0 wired to ground the european code are not produced wiht IR LED.

If I start with the pin 0 not wired, run a first time the process and after that wire the pin 0, it wotks ans shut down my TV.

So it seems that a first loop with the US code is needed before having a correct behaviour for european. I cannot understand why, regarding the code..

Some idea?

do we just upload the .pde file, or do we have to put the .ccp and .h files somewhere?

I come back with a solution for european user, regarding my issue (european code never sent).

#define EU_CODES
in the main.h source code under the existing line
#define NA_CODES.

that's all.