TV Out 6x8ext Now Available

I am working on a goofy “cause I want to” project using a 1284p and tv out for a fairly high resolution text display. I settled into a resolution of 240x200 which would give me 40x25 text IF I used a 6x8 font, while leaving a pile of ram left for other items of interest.

There’s two problems with the 6x8 font that comes with TV Out, 1) it only has 32-128 or the standard typeable text items, and 2) I never cared for the way it looked (lowercase “e” I am calling you out)

I set about finding a font that had all the characters in a 6x8 format from code page 437, which you may know from the ASCII set that came with every IBM PC and compatible, and its the same cp/ font as the 8x8ext from tv out.

I found it here and set about converting it for TV Out. Now I have a pleasant looking 6x8 font with the same capabilities as the 8x8ext font (which actually has all 255 cp437 characters, but TV Out wont display a very small handful that also are terminal control codes)

There is no license on the original font I used, and I dont place one on it now, enjoy

PS: sample 1 is in a standard 128x96 resolution, sample 2 is the entire displayable set at 240x200

edit: fixed lowercase i

sample2.jpg (65.7 KB)