tv-out change white to one color eg orange

hi all
i know that arduino tv-out output white and black,
i want to replace white to another color like orange
how i can do this and if it's need extenral hardware please help me
thank you

The external hardware you need is a sheet of orange-coloured transparent plastic to put over the TV screen.
(that's how the early Breakout arcade machines did the different coloured bricks)

nice :wink: , any other way?

Yes, you buy a PAL or NTSC encoder, and mix in the colour from another source.

The video signal produced by the library is a simple mono (CCIR or RS-170) signal.
Adding colour information is a whole different ball-game - sub-carrier, colour burst - way too much for a 16MHz processor.

If the TV has a SCART input which has the RGB pins connected it might be possible, but I've never tried it. But the general idea would be to use 3 different voltage dividers on the RGB pins to get the right colour you want. Beware that even if a TV has SCART, sometimes the RGB pins work and sometimes they don't.

hi all thanks for reply and i will something else cuz it's not that easy to me i will try to use lcd, anyway thank you

The Panasonic WJ AVE-5 can superimpose a bunch of different colors. I wonder what that circuit looks like. Would you say it's because of the video encoder? I wonder if it would be possible to take that circuit and add it to the tv out.

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How about this?
Arduino TVoutColor NTSC