TV Out - How to displays the player’s sprite and background at the same time.

How can I place the player’s sprite and background at the same time so that the player sprite does not light up line as well as its movement, what I’m doing wrong please help.

#include <TVout.h>
#include "font6x8.h"
#include "background.h"
#include "object.h"

#define GAME_PLAYING 0

TVout TV;
char game_state;

byte playerX=30;
byte playerY=30;

void setup()
  TV.begin(PAL, 128,96);

void loop()
    case GAME_PLAYING:

void start_game()
    game_state = GAME_PLAYING;

void first_room_draw() {
   TV.bitmap(0, 0, first_room);
void player_draw() {
    TV.bitmap(playerX, playerY, first_object);
} (1.69 KB)

Almost nobody is going to unpack your zip file. It's under 2kb so please post each file inline in your post, inside code tags if you don't mind. Please post all the files, including the header files (.h).

It will not accommodate more than 9000 characters on forum topik, the standard array with the data of the room and character is stored.

Well, how to make the player sprite display normally looks?